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Friday, July 24, 2015

Logitech MX Anywhere 2

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2, I have been waiting to upgrade to for the longest time.  I thought Logitech has decided to stop using Darkfield laser technology.  Luckily this is not true and this time they have come out the Gen 2 of the replacement.  For the Gen 1, there is version 1 and 2, both are the same in everything except the top surface is matt for version1 and shiny for version 2.  Not sure the reason for doing this.  Hope Logitech don't do this on the Gen 2.

I have been using the Logitech MX Anywhere Gen 1 mouse, M905.  This has always been my go to mouse since using Windows to now Mac it has never given me any problem.  The beauty of this mouse is you cannot see the laser beaming out of the mouse at the bottom like other mouse.  This is so because Logitech is using the Darkfield laser technology which is mentioned able to use on a glass surface as thin as 4mm.

I have used it on a glass surface and many shiny surface and this mouse never fails while my friends failed big time with other mouse.  This has gain my trust and confident and have never look at changing to other brand of mouse.  In additional, Logitech nano receiver works with their keyboard as well so I do not have to have one for keyboard and one for mouse where some brands does that.

As this is just launched in Singapore and available at selected Challenger shops in Singapore (advised by Logitech Singapore Facebook), I quickly go down to the one at Bugis Junction.  Got one out of the two left.

The box view with the mouse

The inside opening up the flap with some magnet to keep it close

What is in the package

You will see nothing much is in the box namely:
  • MX Anywhere 2 mouse
  • USB cable
  • Nano receiver
  • Instruction booklet
  The front view

 You will see the micro USB port for charging is in front of the mouse.  You can use the mouse while charging via nano receiver or Bluetooth.

Left side view
Here you see the forward and backward button (by default assigned) for browsing the web.  You can assign other function to it if you do not use that.

Right side view

Here I took it with flash on purpose to show the texture diamond like design on both side.  It's not a complete smooth surface it create some sort of grip with some design.

 Underside view

You will see the on off switch on the top left.  Followed by the connect button for Bluetooth connection on the bottom of it.  The bottom button is used to switch between three devices if you have it paired with if any.

Old nano receiver (Left) New nano reciver (Right)

You can see the the newer nano receiver bundled in with this mouse is short and smaller.

 Underside of the MX Anywhere (Left), MX Anywhere 2 (Right)

The older Anywhere has a slide switch which can easily use with your thumb or any finger.   The latter however require some nail action.

To quickly set it up, you need to choose between a nano receiver or using Bluetooth.  Do note that if you choose bluetooth, your machine must support Bluetooth Ready Smart device (meaning it must support Bluetooth low energy feature found in Bluetooth 4.0).

Head over to download the software to configure the mouse on first connection.  I am using a Mac so I will show screenshot for it.  Windows should not be much different.

The new software is call Logitech Options instead of the old, Logitech Control Center

You will see this screen first before the configuration screen

You will see the above before the configuration screen.  In case you close the configuration screen, you can click the "Relaunch" again to open it up.

 The configuration screen

Here you will configure the mouse buttons actions.  Swap the left/right button the scroll wheel press down and the front back buttons.  You will also see the connection status at the bottom and the battery level.

Click "Add Device" at the bottom to add the mouse

Clicking on the "Add device" button at the bottom of the configuration screen, you will be ask to choose how you want to connect your mouse via nano receiver (you have to make sure its already plugged in) or via Bluetooth (turn on).  Clicking on either will go through the respective steps.  Click OK to head back to previous screen.

I tried pairing with the nano receiver and the bluetooth.  However you can only do with one and the other connection will be lost.  It still works with my old nano receiver which is neat.

Assign the action

Clicking on any of the blue dots to assign the action.  You can see from my screen shot I click on the scroll wheel, here you can also adjust the horizontal speed if it is assign "Scroll right".

Point & Scroll section

In this section, you can adjust the pointer speed and the scrolling speed.  Play around to find the one that suits you best.  Enable smooth scrolling if you want to, default is disabled.  Not sure why.

About the device

Hitting on "More" button on the main screen, brings you to see the firmware of the mouse.  Wonder if they do update firmware as I have never receive any from MX Anywhere Gen 1.  You can enable battery level low warning here.


In the Software section, you can see the current software version.  You can enable automatic check for updates.

I tested this and the mouse feel good.  Just like the Gen 1.  In fact the mouse is much lighter now comparing due to the build in battery this time which I even forgot about it when I placed in my jean's pocket.  In Gen 1, it can be inserted with two AA batteries and this added the weight though it can work with just one.

You can also work with the USB cable plugged in while working and charging it.  Not sure how long this mouse can last with one full charge.  Have yet to test this out.

In summary the mouse feel exactly the same but lighter.  Here I listed the the pros and cons

  • Lighter than Gen 1
  • The software is cleaner now to configure
  • Bluetooth connection save one USB port
  • Connect up to 3 devices to be use with one mouse
  • Able to use with old nano receiver

  • Battery might not last as long as Gen 1 as it is now build in
  • Never come with a pouch for a premier mouse like Gen 1 (it's not cheap)
  • Nano receiver cannot be kept on the mouse unlike Gen 1
  • Bluetooth only works with Bluetooth Smart Ready device only (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Power on button have to use nail
  • Darkfield laser glass is not covered unlike Gen 1

For Mac users on Yosemite, you might end up finding if you do with Bluetooth connection, the pointer is very sluggish.  With some findings, it seems there is some bugs with Apple Handoff function discussed here.

You will need to disable Handoff as shown below and perform a reset on your NVRAM with the guide here.  That should resolve your problem as it did for me.

 System Preferences, Go to "General"

Uncheck Handoff

Hope this give you a good guide on the mouse.  I will update again on my usage on the battery after using it for awhile.

Update 13th Sept 2015
Since my last update two months ago, that was my first full charge of the mouse.  Today I am still using that first full charge.  Seems like the battery does last.  Just the habit to remember to turn it off when not in use comes in important.

I also have updated to the latest software of the Logitech Options.
With this update comes per applications setting for your mouse.  Yes per application you hear it right.
When you launch Logitech Options, you will be see a new icon on the top right hand corner.
A toggle switch to enable the feature

Once you enable you will be able to add application to the list and configure different profile mouse function for every single app.

Adding/Remove an app
When an application is added, you will see the applications listed.  You can remove by clicking the cross "x" next to the app name when placing your mouse pointer next to it.
Application is selected

You can select the application and you will see the app icon as shown to configure your mouse button function accordingly when using the app.