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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Touring Paris On Foot Guide

Updating in progress...

This is my first time to Paris and and decide to took a stay using AirBnb as usual just like my London trip guide and as well some of the advice here hoping to help you get around.

AirBnb Apartment
We stayed at a small apartment near Eiffel Tower.  We booked it the moment it was first listed and the owner, Phlippe offered us a bottle of their local champagne on our arrival which he did.  He was at the location as communicated early to wait for our arrival and his response through AirBnb is fast.  Apartment uses key, so you have to carry around.

The Good: Great view of Eiffel Tower and walking distance.  Supermarket and river cruise is just around the corner.  Host provide basic instructions for nearby attractions.  There are also some attraction books which can be used.  Comes with WiFi, utensils, toiletries, bathing towels and toothpaste, hair dryer and stove.

The Bad:  No washing machine.  Train station is quite a distance with about 15mins walk.  The lift is rather small so you might have to take multiple trip to go up.

Here is a look of the apartment:

 Upon entering you see the apartment rather small as it has a sofa bed.

There is TV but unless you understand French that is.

The view is great looking out.

The attraction comes when you look out of the windows and turn left.

It is the magnificent Eiffel Tower.

 Yes, the lift fits two.

Moving around from Airport/Train/Hotel/Apartment
If you arrived via the airport, you can go to arrival hall for Uber.  We arrived taking Eurostar from London to Paris.  From the train station, there is taxi stand.  I suggest you use Uber.  It's a cashless taxi service which you can sign up here.  Uber is very popular in Paris and the cars are waiting at the main entrance of the train station not at the Taxi stand.  Use the fare estimate here.

There are few types of Taxi, the cheapest is UberPop, per trip is roughly between EUR4 - 8 depending on distance.  Do note this can come with all sizes of Taxi, big or small it's by luck.  I encounter a Suzuki Swift with our luggage to our restaurant.  UberX is the more premium ones and if you are going to airport or you need a big car for luggage, you can take this as the normal charges is about EUR50 to airport and water is free in the car in case you are wondering.  There is no need tips as the fare is inclusive.  You are free to give some if you wish.  Cab off the streets are much more expensive.  Most drivers speaks little to decent English.

Data/WiFi/Prepaid Service
Please get a Prepaid card in France.  There are hardly any free WiFi unlike London else your phone bill will skyrocket.

Metro Train Tickets
Metro tickets can be purchase with per trip.  Each Ticket+ ( that how it is labeled on their machine) cost about EUR1.8 per trip.
Train ticket for entry.  You don't need for exit.

Food are generally average priced to slightly more expensive at attractions or restaurants.  Tipping is not required and is also part of bill.  You may if you wish.

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