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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WhatsApp Goes On Web

As announced by WhatsApp on their blog and with the latest update of WhatsApp release 21st Janurary 2015 starting on Android 2.11.498 (Sorry for iPhone users this is not available at time of writing).  This is similar to the WeChat feature.

A few snapshots, you will need to use Chrome browser (yes only Chrome is supported at this launch), You will go into your mobile phone Whatsapp and under the menu, choose WhatsApp Web and scan the QRCode on the browser at and you will be brought to your existing chat.

You can also see which machine you are log into using your mobile WhatsApp and log out individual or all together.

One thing which may or not be a good thing is thatyou can choose to keep sign in the Web WhatsApp opened in the browser, once you are back online, Web WhatsApp automatically gets connected back without having to perform the QRCode scanning again.  This is unlike WeChat which will initiate a timeout and no option to stay sign in.

Do note this new feature require data connection for your mobile so if you have limited data you have to be careful.

The good thing different from WeChat, you will see your existing messages unlike WeChat that will display no history but starts from where you connected to the web interface.  The bad here is you need data to be transmitted from phone to Web Interface.

I do welcome this function as it helps for people who are on laptop to response much faster.  For those at work, you do not get caught using your phone too often as well.

Android WhatsApp menu

Scan the QRCode with option to stay sign in

Chrome WhatsApp Interface

Viewing your login status on all device

A teaser what if your mobile phone is low on battery?